Friday, April 12, 2013

Phase 2 of the Year of Rejuvenation: Spring Cleaning

Since the start of the New Year I have spent the better part of the year thus far working on fitness and nutrition. But now it is necessary for me to create a calming environment to maintain/ strengthen my ability of weight management and nutritional health it is now time to begin working on DE-cluttering.

As I enter into a new season I also enter into a new phase in life. As I will all soon begin to see life around us will begin renew it self. I need to also take time to renew ourselves and bring new breath to ourselves. That is why in 2013, [the freedom project]: The Year of REJUVENATION, I use the transition from winter to spring and I treat it as the transition from death to life. I are now entering into the time when I need to awaken ourselves from the dead, drab and dreariness of winter and give ourselves a fresh start just as it is done in nature.

What this means is that over the course of the next month I will embark on the journey of awaken our homes and in turn awakening our spirits. One thought that I want to leave with is that when I begin to removal the physical clutter and clean the physical you will begin to be able to release the mental destructive clutter, the emotional mayhem, and the internal disorder. This is a process that I must do if I want to truly experience the Year of Rejuvenation to the fullest.

In Devine Serinity,


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Insanity, Really!

So a few weeks ago I made the decision that I was going to do the workout program INSANITY. Let's just put it this way, I am only on day 3 and I am already have a love hate relationship with this program.

My body is sore in place I didn't even realize there were muscles at. However, I feel different already and I am seeing some areas starting to tone and tighten already (specifically my legs/ thighs). I will keep at this program because all in all I really like it and it is totally worth the pain. I will go into more details in a later post.

Peace and Love,


Workout Review: Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30

So back in Febuary I started the Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 workout program.

I found it to be very effective when you pair it with proper nutrition. I was able to build my stamina up within a short amount of time. And speaking on time each workout is approximately 30 minutes long, which is perfect for beginners- I think- as she really has this in a format that works for people who have little to no exercise regimine or thosde who have never really worked out before and don't really know where to start.

This was actually one of the first DVD's I purchased to get back in the practice of working out on a daily basis and getting back in the habit of getting some kind of physical activity in.

I think that at the start of May I will incorporate this back into the rotation after I complete Insanity and possible do more of a hybrid with another longer term program, maybe Brazilian Butt Lift or something . I think that this workout because of the level of intensity that you can get from it that would be a good option for me.

Peace and Love,


Thursday, January 31, 2013

[THE FREEDOM PROJECT] : Importance of using a monthly CALENDAR/ January updates

Something that I have found to be quite helpful with staying on track with my journey this year is the monthly calendar. I printed out 2 copies of a 2012 calendar online  ( , one of them I use to track my exercise regmin, alongside with information regarding my hair (i.e. styles, wash days, hair appointments, etc.) and with the other I am tracking my nutritional intake. This tool will allow me and anyone else who uses it a way of keeping track of all the different things that are going on.

And after coming across this in many of the resources I consulted prior to beginning this heat free journey with my hair, so that I can focus more on my weight and getting into shape, as well as establishing and maintaining a healthy  lifestyle. Each of these sources stated that keeping track of what you put in your body helps you to see and foresee problems that may arise. It also allows you to truly see if your overeating or under eating.

So the big TIP for January is to use a calendar to help keep you focused and aware!

Now for the January updates, thus far with the jump- off of [THE FREEDOM PROJECT], I have had my hair in micro braids with cornrows in the front for almost 2 weeks as a protective style. Prior to getting my hair braided I wash and deep conditioned my hair really good, being that this style would be left in for a while; I also did a protein treatment to help to strengthen my hair for this style. Using my calendar I have planned out how long I would be able to hold a Protective style and I have laid out a game plan for the month. On the 21st I am going to take down these braids and wash and deep condition again and immediately put my hair in two- Stand twist. I am sticking with low manipulation styles that also give me the freedom to do on wet- to- damp hair.

I also have been using my calendar's to track my nutrition to give myself a full idea of my eating habits so that I can make adjustments if needed so that I may be successfully in accomplishing my goals for this year.

Monday, December 31, 2012

End of the Year Wrap- Up (Month Closure)

So many of you have read and responded to my apology to myself post and I know that you may be wondering where I am heading at this time. Well, I am taking a different approach in my journey this time around.
What I am doing differently is:

1. Opened up a Gym membership (Planet Fitness- $10 a month, so that isn't bad)
2. Got my fiance' a Gym membership (So we can train with one another he is my best friend as well)
3. Actually plan out our trips to the grocery store not just go because we need to but serious plan out our meals and snacks before we buy
3b. READ ALL FOOD LABELS... you would be surprised at what the ingredients are in some of these so-called healthier options.
4. Say my prayers and recite my daily mantra "This is a new day. I begin anew to claim and create all that is good."
5. Seriously organized my home, its hard to stay focused when clutter is physically around in the first place.
6. Take a moment before going to bed to just stretch out and release the stresses of the day before I even close my eyes

With me taking these steps I feel and I know that I will be able to stick with the change and the journey of being a better me.

So this is just what I have begun to enact in my life before going into the New Year (I wanted a jump on things lol).

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sincerest Apology to SELF!

Today I wanted to take a moment to sincerely apologize to my body for my consistent mis-treatment and total lack of self-respect. I have allowed my self to much time sitting in a state of inertia, mentally that is, in educating myself on how to be healthier. I spent to much of my life essentially pretending to get in shape, when in actually I have done nothing more then research how to be healthy without actually pushing myself to be physically involved. For this reason I apologize to myself. I have allowed the excuses, and self imposed limitations to hold me back from what I have the deepest desires for. I have allowed the fear of no longer have my weight and appearance to be my excuse for not allowing me to fully grow as a person. I have all to often used this frame as a reason to hold on to past hurt, past issues imposed by others.

For this I apologize. I allowed others to dictate how much weight off is to much(or too little), never really giving my body the chance to reach its natural comfort zone. Today I acknowledge my short-comings when keeping motivated and sticking to the plan. But on today I make this most sincerest apology and promise to myself. I am done allowing past hurts to continue to hold me in limbo. I will no longer put myself through the neglect and mis-treatment. I promise that with aligning my mind, body in soul in perfect unity that I will say good-bye to the excess weight, the fear of making a change, and self imposed dissatisfaction.

So on today I apologize and promise to be my own purveyor of personal success, self-worth, and true happiness!

Asa Lama Lakum,


[The FREEDOM Project]- Reloaded for 2013

The Year of Rejuvenation

As we come to the close of 2012, I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on many of the events that happened during this past year. As many of you are aware I challenged myself to:

1. Be Heat- Free the 2012 year in its entirety

2. Exercise at least 4x a week

This past year has been a challenge for me. So I didn’t exactly stick to my challenge goals for many reasons that will remain more personal as it related to some health stuff. As far as my 1st goal I did go 75% of the year heat- free and I have learned some new techniques to dealing with heat styling as a whole. Secondly, I spent quite a bit of time in the hospital this year which did not afford me the opportunity to maintain my fitness goals. But I have since gotten myself back on track and I am developing my new goals for the upcoming 2013 year, for which I am dubbing the year of REJUVENATION.

Going into to 2013, I am revamping and redesigning the Freedom project to achieve my goals for the upcoming year. And to ensure that I meet my goals more accurately I have taken some precautions to ensure that I am able to follow through.

My Plans going into 2013 are:

1. Maintain Heat-Free Styling @ least 85% of the year

a. i.e. doing roller sets, braid-outs, bantu knots, using the cool air setting on the dryer, etc.

b. Take my vitamins

2. EXERCISE @ least 4x a week

a. As of 12/04/2012 I have a basic gym membership with Planet Fitness and will still be using my Jillian Michael’s Workout DVDs, Practicing YOGA and Brazilian Butt (Which very fun to be a home workout program)

3. Keep a food Log

a. Track the times I ate, what I ate, and How much I ate and tracking my fitness time/ exercises

4. Maintain a CLEAN and ORGANIZED Home

a. NO, my house is not nasty just need to stay on keep it organized which helps to reduce household stress.

My Long- Term Goals I hope to Achieve by the end of 2012

• Gain Approximately 5 inches in length (Hair)

• Lose 60LBS (Fitness)

• Reduce Stress (Health)

• Get a more toned and shapely body (Fitness)

• Maintain/ Gain Healthy HAIR, SKIN, & NAILS

If I am able to maintain my plan I know that I will be able to reach my goals:


• Shopping for a new wardrobe

• Coloring my hair (Going Darker not lighter)


So now that I have reflected some on the past year and what I plan to different in the New Year; tell me, what are your plans? What did you learn about yourself this past year? Did you encounter any hindrances in achieving your goal? What could or would you do differently this time around?

Asa Lama Lakum,